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David Eliseev
David Eliseev

Upside Down Clouds (Original Mix)

Ascent and Expansion are two of the main processes that result in the cooling of an air parcel in which clouds will form. We mostly think of moving air as wind flowing horizontally across the surface. But air moving vertically is extremely important in weather processes, particularly with respect to clouds and precipitation. Ascending air currents take us up the Precipitation Ladder. (Where descending currents are present, we come down the Ladder with processes reversing until we are finally left with water vapor and dust in an air mass.)

Upside Down Clouds (Original Mix)

Also in the Image Rotation menu are options to rotate images 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, or even turn the entire image upside down by rotating it 180 degrees. To rotate your image to a specific angle, click and drag your image to rotate it to the exact angle you want.

Asperitas clouds were only officially recognized in 2015, making them the first new cloud to be identified in more than 50 years. They look like dark, swirling waves flowing across the sky, sort of like an upside-down ocean.

The picture of the clouds nestled in the Cumberland mountains are not Tennessee, though close. These are the mountains of Bell County, Kentucky which is the headquarters of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. That fog covers the city below, Middlesborough, Kentucky, (which is a city down inside of a meteor crater) most every morning in the warm months. The fog will even spill through the gap at the Virginia and Kentucky border and fall down into Tennessee. You can search for videos of fog spilling from Middlesborough, KY and literally watch the fog fall like slow moving water down a mountainside.

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