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Axel Jones
Axel Jones

Capture Nx2 2.4.7 Product Key 12

Nikon have issued a warning about a new bug in the Macintosh version of Capture NX-Dsoftware - if you change the name of a folder, all files in that folder will be deleted: 9 January 2016 - -capture-nx-d/

capture nx2 2.4.7 product key 12

The latest version of Nikon Capture NX is 2.4.7, released on 03/12/2016. It was initially added to our database on 10/29/2007. The most prevalent version is 2.4.7, which is used by 60 % of all installations.

I got shafted when I upgraded my PC from 32 bit to 64 bit and found that NX2 would not work (after many attempts). I refused to pay again for a 64 bit version. Having just acquired a (used) V2 I downloaded the Beta with enthusiasm seeing this as a way forward. I am very disappointed. All that lovely U Point technology has gone.As a freebee it is just about OK but I am appalled at the demise of NX2. Maybe I will buy the 64 bit version in a fire sale. It should support the V3 before it dies which is a foreseeable upgrade for me. But it looks like cold logic should dictate a move to another product and the agony of a new learning curve.Can anybody confirm whether it has/will have support for the V3?Can anybody point to a fire sale?!!!

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If you already had 2.4.7 installed, keep your key code safe, uninstall it. Nikon provides installation cleaners, see the links at the left. Then, reinstall 2.4.6, and configure the color management settings.

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