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[S2E10] Date Expectations

In addition to that, we will also inform you on how to stream the Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 10 once it is released as well. With that being said, let us first speculate on the events that may take place in the said episode. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the Vinland Saga Season 2 and its new episode.

[S2E10] Date Expectations

In addition, fans may see Thorfinn on his new path to reborn as he has sweared to let go of any conflict. Of course, Thorfiin is going to be tested about it and we might it in the upcoming episode too. Check out the preview and the release date for Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 10 below.

The second and third seasons tell separate stories, despite being developed together.[40] Before the end of 2019, Chabon and Goldsman met with Stewart to pitch the season's story,[43] and Kurtzman said in January 2020 that the writers were confident in it. Kurtzman did want the option to adjust the story based on responses to the first season,[44] but Chabon said the second season would not be affected by fans who criticized the first for not meeting their expectations.[27] The full story for the second season was broken by March 2020 and writing had begun.[45] The story features Q sending Picard and his companions to an alternate timeline where humanity has formed the xenophobic "Confederation of Earth" instead of the United Federation of Planets. They have to travel back in time to the 21st century to prevent that dark future from happening.[46] Production delays due to the pandemic allowed more episodes to be written than usual, which meant earlier episodes could subsequently be revised.[32] One change was that two episodes exploring the dark alternate timeline, written by Chabon, were re-written into one episode.[39] Writing for the season was completed after filming began in early 2021, and Goldsman said it would not be clear if they were successful in crafting the full story until editing was done.[40]

Matalas said each season would be differentiated visually. He wanted to return to the visual style of the Next Generation era while incorporating elements from the Original Series-era films, which were his personal favorites. He said new production designer Dave Blass was a long-time Star Trek fan who also wanted to return to that aesthetic,[25] and they both insisted on bringing back several creatives from earlier Star Trek series including Michael and Denise Okuda, who designed the LCARS computer system for The Next Generation; long-time Star Trek concept designer and visual effects artists Doug Drexler; and frequent Star Trek starship designer John Eaves.[25][63] The design team included a lot of references to previous Star Trek projects, which Matalas said was partially "cheeky, nerdy fun", but also about honoring the history and legacy of the franchise.[25] The series' opening title sequence was updated from the first season by creative agency Prologue to include new imagery from the second season, including adding a Starfleet combadge to Picard's jacket for the ending shot.[64][65]

Filming was scheduled to begin in mid-June 2020,[29][30] but was delayed to January 2021 by the COVID-19 pandemic.[33][85] In December 2020, Ryan said filming would begin on February 1,[86] but on that date she revealed that it was delayed again.[87] Principal photography began on February 16,[34] in California where the series received tax incentives to continue filming after the first season.[22] Doug Aarniokoski directed the first two episodes,[88] and Crescenzo Notarile served as cinematographer after doing so for the third season of Discovery.[89][90] Jimmy Lindsey was also a cinematographer for the season.[91] Location filming took place later in February at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, to portray Starfleet Academy in the first episode and the Confederation Presidential Palace in the second.[92][93] SoFi Stadium in Inglewood was also used to depict part of Starfleet Academy in the premiere.[94] In April, de Lancie said scenes for the second and third seasons of Picard were being filmed simultaneously.[95] Matalas and Goldsman both worked on the second season until around halfway through filming, when Matalas switched focus to the third season and Goldsman continued running the second.[96] The two seasons had one of the largest television series crews at the time with more than 450 crewmembers.[97]

For the fleet of starships that appear in the season premiere, Blass wanted to address fan criticisms regarding the fleet from the first-season finale in which all of the ships looked very similar. Though he knew this was done due to practical limitations in modelling that many different ships, Blass looked for a viable solution for this season and contacted the creators of the Star Trek Online video game about using some of their starship models.[83] He specifically wanted to use the most popular ships from the game, as long as none of them had four nacelles so the Stargazer could stand out beside them.[63] Star Trek Online designer and associate art director Thomas Marrone and his team provided their digital models of existing Next Generation-era ships (including the Akira-class from Star Trek: First Contact), their own original models of potential 25th-century ships, and some new models created specifically for the season.[83] Marrone updated the models with more detail to match the higher quality expected for a television series,[63] and the Picard visual effects team used these models in the final sequence. This meant that fan-favorite starships from the game were now franchise canon (including the Ross-class exploration cruiser and the Reliant-class light cruiser) which Marrone said was a "dream come true".[83]

In fact, fans seem to be invested in season two's latest episode in a whole new way. "Never Give Up" might be the best episode from the series to date, and that is saying a lot given how quality Demon Slayer really is.

As you can see below, fans are geeking out over Demon Slayer today, and they are already doing re-watches of its latest episode. The update went live with a bang a few hours ago and is already taking over social media. From ufotable's animation to its victorious score and killer cliffhanger, Demon Slayer season two brought its best to screen with season two's tenth episode. So if you have not watched it yet, you best check it out before it gets spoiled for you on Twitter!

"So...last we left off: The Mighty Nein had been making their rounds in the city of Zadash: seeking opportunities, information...kind of getting their bearings amongst the various townsfolk, streets, and what goings-on there are. Getting updates from town criers wandering through the roads. Speaking with individuals going into bathhouses, where you met up with your fantastic long-lost Barbarian, Yasha, coming to join alongside you guys in your exploits.

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Great Expectations is the coming-of-age story of Pip, an orphan who yearns for a greater lot in life until a twist of fate and the evil machinations of the mysterious and eccentric Miss Havisham shows him a dark world of possibilities. Under the great expectations placed upon him, Pip will have to work out the true cost of this new world and whether it will truly make him the man he wishes to be.

Bell's fight against Aisha surpassed my expectations. It wasn't completely at astronomical heights like the Minotaur fight, but it was way more well done that anything we have seen thus far in this season. It covered its LN counterpart in a satifying manner. 041b061a72

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