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Buy Cemetery Plots [BEST]

window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS new Array(); window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS.push( hoverImage: '', uuid: 's-f3b67eae-ba4f-4362-9e4b-ce482e8725bf' ) While no one likes to consider the end of their lives, sometimes we can benefit from planning our end- of-life accommodations. In the case of choosing a final resting place, you may be interested in pre- purchasing a cemetery plot for yourself or your family. Not only will it spare your loved ones from stress and added expenses, but it can also help you take control of your estate and save your family money in the long run.

buy cemetery plots

When you start looking for a cemetery plot, you'll soon discover that the process is more complicated than you might suspect. One such consideration is, of course, the price. Much of pricing for cemetery plots depends on two factors: where you live and what kind of plot you want.

Burial Plots for Cremation Urns. Remains that have been cremated and placed in an urn can be buried in the ground in a cemetery as well. They may be placed in a plot with other family urns or near casket burial plots or they may be buried as individual graves.

Keep in mind this is often not reciprocal. In other words, cemeteries do not typically promise you the plots that surround the one you purchase. They have the right to sell them to anyone without first offering them to you. Some cemetery managers will work with you as a courtesy and inform you that the surrounding plots are about to be sold. At that point, you may try and purchase them yourself.

Spare family the burden. Consider it part of estate planning. "You don't want to be shopping around for a burial plot when you have a dead body waiting to be buried. Shopping under such a stressful situation should be avoided," says Gail Rubin, the president of Albuquerque's Historic Fairview Cemetery nonprofit organization and a member of the cemetery committee at Congregation Albert, a Reform synagogue.

The cemetery could close. You'll want to make sure the funds are held by a reputable funeral home or funeral association, says Patrick Simasko, an elder law attorney and wealth preservation specialist at Simasko Law in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

Burial plots aren't cheap, although they may be more affordable than you would guess. According to Funeralwise, an online resource for planning funerals, the average price of a burial plot ranges between $1,000 and $4,500.

Burial plots are, unfortunately, just the beginning when it comes to expenses. Patti Black, a certified financial planner at Bridgeworth Wealth Management in Birmingham, Alabama, says her parents both bought their burial plots ahead of time, but neglected to think about their funeral arrangements.

Funeral costs, memorial costs, caskets, space, and cremation can all add up. Thinking about all of this on top of a cemetery plot can become quite onerous, especially if your family is doing so after your death.

One thing to consider is where your family members are buried or will be. For example, you may want to be buried in one cemetery, but your parents have already bought their grave plots in another one. You want to be buried next to them, but you like the other cemetery better. What do you do?

Another thing to consider is grave markers. Some people may not like the options available through the cemetery and may want to install one through a third party or buy it online. It is important to ask if the cemetery has restrictions or regulations that must be followed regarding gravestones.

Buying your California cemetery plots now could save you time, energy, and worry in the future and reassure you that resting places for you or your loved ones have been decided upon. You will find a range of listings for low-cost California burial plots for sale in various locations that you can browse through on eBay. Getting to know something about the details of these plots can help you select the ones that match your preferences.

California cemetery plots come in a couple of types that you can choose from on eBay. If you are planning to purchase multiple plots, you may wish to buy more than one type of resting place that can meet your needs. Here are the main kinds of California burial plots that you are likely to come across:

You can check out eBay to find single California cemetery plots for sale. However, you can also purchase sets of plots that are near each other if you would like to plan for more than one person at the same time. You may find affordable prices on unused California burial plots that you buy as part of a set of two or more.

The funeral industry has witnessed many changes to tradition in recent years, one of which is the purchasing and selling of cemetery plots. The costs for a burial plot can vary enormously from area to area, and even within a cemetery. In order to secure plots, many families buy cemetery plots well in advance to plan ahead for funeral arrangements and guarantee family burial plots.

Over the last few decades, when we traditionally buried ourdead, many families planned ahead and purchased cemetery plots to ensure theyhad reserved space to secure their family heritage in the designated cemeteryof their choice. Over the last few years the funeral industry has changedsignificantly, and cremation is fast-becoming the preferred dispositionchoice. By 2035, it is forecast the cremation rate will reach almost 80%.

As the nation shifts towards cremation as an alternative to burial, this presents changes and new challenges for the cemetery industry. Some cemeteries have adapted by adding memorial scattering gardens within their grounds or adding new sections including cremation niches or a columbarium to their existing portfolio. This is a fundamental shift for the cemetery industry. Full-size burial plots cost more than a small cremation niche, and therefore there is a decline in revenue for cemeteries as we convert to cremation.

Likewise, for those undergoing the unfortunate process of burying a loved one, purchasing a cemetery plot for resale from a private individual, can prove a significant way to lower the total expenditure. Purchasing a cemetery plot for sale can prove a lot less costly than purchasing directly from the cemetery. There is an abundance of cemetery plots now coming onto the market for sale. It is very important to ensure the title deeds to the cemetery plot are legally transferred as explained below.

Now there is a whole cemetery plot sale and transfer of ownership business, largely borne out of the boom of the Internet and electronic commerce. There are multiple companies that specialize in helping a family locate a cemetery plot that is for resale and acting as brokers for those individuals who wish to sell a burial plot.

All cemetery plots have ownership papers, therefore, thesedeeds need to be legally verified and rewritten for the transfer ofownership. A statement of sale should also be provided for both sellerand purchaser.

These regulations inhibit cemeteries in some states fromengaging in this resale practice, so if you are approached by your localcemetery offering to sell your burial plot for a fee, be sure to check it islegally permissible in your state. Legislation governing the funeralindustry is strict for a reason, it is to protect the public, especially in anindustry dealing with vulnerable, distressed purchasers! A CemeteryBroker, similar to a Real Estate Agent, will derive his commission from thesale value of the property, and fees are ordinarily between 5% and 15%.

A great benefit of these online cemetery plot resale companies is that you can search for an available plot, or sell an unwanted plot, from the comfort of your own home with a prearranged agreement for the cost for these services. As mentioned earlier, with more Americans needing to release cash from property-owned, and more needing to reduce the costs of their funeral expenses, the selling, and purchasing of cemetery plots is becoming a growing business.

Due to the cremation trend, and the economic downturn, thereARE far more families seeking to sell plots than those looking topurchase. Therefore, before you embark on a mission to sell your cemeteryplot, you need to set realistic expectations! Realistic in terms of thevalue of the plot, and its re-sell value, and realistic about the prospect ofselling and the time-frame.

The Internet offers an easy and unique way to advertise aplot for sale, and there are several cemetery plot/exchange websites that youcan check out. Do check the terms and integrity of a cemetery plot saleswebsite, especially before you pay out any listing fees.

It is always worth checking with the cemetery where the plots are held. Some cemeteries will buy back any unwanted plots but be warned, it may be in the fine print that they have the right to buy back at the original cost! In fact, one of the first things you must do before embarking on any project to sell a cemetery plot is to investigate the terms of your perpetual contract with the cemetery. Believe it or not, some cemeteries have some rather strange (and in some cases archaic) rules about what you can do with a plot that you own!

If you are looking for the perfect place to sell cemetery plots you no longer wish to own, let us sell them for you. We can help you sell single or multiple cemetery plots you already own and put some extra money in your pocket. Here at Bayer Cemetery Brokers, we are experts in getting you the best deal possible for your grave plot. Not only do we have friendly, welcoming, and professional people who are here to help you in your time of need, but we also work with people who can help you during the grieving process.

With four branch offices and more than 30 years of experience in cemetery brokering, Bayer Cemetery Brokers can connect you to cemetery plots all over the state of California. We can even contact out-of-state cemeteries and funeral homes to help you find the best deal possible when you want to sell cemetery plots you own outside of California. 041b061a72

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