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David Eliseev

Sail Numbers Buy [BETTER]

Short Finger Gloves - Traditional style sailing gloves with reinforced palm and great durability for handling line on a sailboats. These gloves are cut to have all five fingers exposed for ease of tying knots and handling small hardware. Great for use in warmer weather.

sail numbers buy

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Gardening Grip Gloves - Popular among skiff sailors who need excellent grip for small, technical lines, these lightweight gloves have a sticky grip surface that works well for short term use but won't hold up as long as a traditional Short Finger or Long Finger sailing glove.

Offshore Gloves - Heavy weight gloves designed for offshore or coastal sailing. These typically won't hold up as well when handling small lines on smaller boats, but are great for use on cruising boats with larger line diameters.

Many sailing brands make youth or junior specific gear, though each brand uses a slightly different sizing chart and scale for assigning junior sizing. Typically, Gill 'junior specific' gear is available in sizes Junior S, Junior M, and Junior L, which roughly correlates to a Kids 8, Kids 10, and Kids 12. The brands Ronstan, Stohlquist, and WinDesign follow a similar convention. Zhik sizing now includes a fourth size, so their range is Junior S to Junior XL, which correlates to Kids 8 - Kids 14. We understand this can be confusing, so our best advice is to please consult size charts on specific products for more information before making a sizing decision for your junior sailor.

West Coast Sailing offers an industry leading selection of upgrades and accessories for both ILCA dinghy and Laser sailboats. Products such as covers, dollies, wind indicators, carbon tiller extensions, blocks, and other upgrades do not need to be sourced from a designated class builder. Shop popular accessories by category below.

Sunfish Sails & Sail RingsSunfish sails are recognized all over the world for their bright, fun colors. We stock an extensive selection of popular recreational sails in a variety of colorways plus the classic white racing sail for the hardcore Sunfish racing sailor. Don't forget to replace your sail rings when upgrading to a new sail, and add a set of tell tails for maximizing performance.

Sunfish Hull & Deck PartsWest Coast Sailing is your source for hull and deck fittings for your Sunfish sailboat. Check out our selection of bailers, drain plugs, hiking straps, inspection ports, bridles, gudgeons, bow handles, and more.

Pre Cut / Euro - Unlike Digital 8 numbers, 'Euro' style or 'Pre Cut' numbers are cut to specific numbers or letters for a clean finish. These are preferred by many sailors as they have a higher quality look on the sail.

Looking for a great deal on lightly used sailing gear? We've collected some great gear from the warehouse including sails, rudders, and mast sections. This equipment is either lightly used or in new condition with small blemishes. Check the individual product page for more detailed information about product condition. Stock is limited, so order today!

West Coast Sailing offers a full range of one design running rigging and custom solutions including halyards, sheets, and control lines, designed with input from top sailors in the fleet and expertly assembled by the riggers in our Rig Shop. Check out pre spec'd options for boats like the Laser/ILCA, Sunfish, 420, V-15, J/22, J/24, J/70, Melges 24, Flying Scot, Thistle, and more.

All one design and custom rigging solutions are built to order by our expert riggers in our Rig Shop. Typical turn around time is 3-5 days. If you are looking for a rigging product you do not see, contact our team today at or by calling 503-285-5536 to discuss options.

West Coast Sailing makes it easy to replace lines on your sailboat with a selection of pre cut halyards, sheets, control lines, and more. Our expert team has selected line based on recommended material, diameter, and length so you'll know it will work great!

Double Braids, sometimes called braid on braid, have a braided core within a braided outer jacket or cover. This creates a strong, durable, smooth-running line that is easy to handle. Double braids are used for the vast majority of all running rigging on sailboats including sheets, halyards and control lines for both cruising or racing. There are two types to consider: polyester double braids and high-tech double braids. Polyester double braids, found most commonly on recreational and cruising sailboats, have a polyester cover with polyester core. These are low maintenance, affordable, and long-lasting, while offering relatively low stretch and high working loads. For additional strength and minimal stretch, consider high-tech double braids. These lines typically feature a Dyneema or Spectra core (non-stretch) inside a polyester or polyester/dyneema blend cover for additional durability. They are more expensive but often the go to choice for high performance racing boats.

For control lines, we typically recommend Double Braids, particularly for the portion which is either cleated or is handled by the sailor. If you control line system requires a 'secondary' line (such as on a Laser vang, for example), a single braid high tech line such as Dyneema or Spectra is appropriate.

Looking to clean up the end of your line or need to add a splice to your rig? Visit our Whipping & Splicing page for a full selection of whipping twine, fids, splicing needles, and complete splicing kits. Perfect for the DIY sailor looking to further optimize their rigging.

For control lines, the exact choice can vary based on preference and type of boat sailed, but typically we recommend a standard single braid (soft hand, great for mainsheets on smaller boats!) or a double braid polyester or double braid high tech line. 041b061a72

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