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Buried Alive II

Over the next few days, Randy notices strange things in his home, including finding Laura's wedding ring, which had supposedly been buried with her. He has his wife's grave exhumed to make sure she is dead, but the authorities find Clint's body instead. Upon learning that the dead person is Clint, they then exhume Clint's grave, and find the remains of Joanna and Cortland, along with the money they got from selling Clint's business. Suspecting that Laura is still alive, Randy hastily buys a yacht, and he and Roxanne prepare to leave town. As they are packing their luggage, Laura traps them both inside a tool shed by shutting and blocking the door with Randy's truck. She attaches a hose to the exhaust pipe and feeds it through the vent, knocking the two unconscious with the fumes.

Buried Alive II

Randy and Roxanne wake up on board the yacht with all doors locked and sealed shut with screws. Roxanne sees Laura peering down through a skylight just before she blocks it off. Randy tries to save himself by blaming Roxanne, causing Roxanne to fire a flare gun at him. When the yacht tilts, Randy realizes that Laura intends to sink it and bury them alive at sea. With the water pouring in through the open bilges, he tries to shut off the bilge valve, but she has broken it off. Reaching a storage room, they find a set of funeral clothes and a lifebuoy that says "R.I.P. Randy and Roxanne" painted on it. Laura asks Randy why he tried to kill her, then blocks off the last vent and leaves in a motorized dinghy, pausing to look back and watch as the yacht disappears beneath the surface.

A woman inherits a fortune, causing her husband and his lover to plot her demise by poisoning her. The only trouble is it only places her in a deep coma that resembles death. When an accident occurs in the embalmer's office he doesn't complete the embalming process, causing her to be buried alive. Awakening from the grave, she claws her way out and seeks revenge against the two who caused her supposed demise

Stephen's last movie appearance was in Buried Alive II in 1997. He plays the character of Randy Riskin along with Alley Sheedy who plays his wife Laura.In this movie Stephen as Randy Riskin tries to "kill" his wife Laura in an attempt to get her inheritance. However he does it in an unconventional way, by buring her alive with the help of a drug. Tracy Needham plays his mistress who gives him the idea of the "killing" his wife in the hopes of sailing away with Randy and his money. Although Stephen plays the bad guy in this movie, his acting talent is still evident. All materialsat this site not otherwise credited are Copyright 2000-2001 PageCreations. All rights reserved. Use of any material contained herein is subject. to stated terms or written permission

"Revenge lies just beneath the surface."A woman inherits a fortune, causing her husband and his mistress to plot a plot. An attempt to poison the woman does not go as planned, as the woman goes into a coma instead of dying. Then the man buries his wife alive.

"As they searched, deputies heard a baby's muffled cry and located a newborn baby girl buried alive under pieces of asphalt and rubble inside a crevice located along the bike path," the sheriff's sergeant said in a statement.

Both men took some nasty bumps and a plethora of weapons were used, from steel chairs to shovels to the steel steps. Then, following about 17 minutes of back and forth action, The Undertaker was able to chokeslam Mankind into the grave and buried him alive.

Of course, as with most forms of killing the hero that favor cruelty over efficiency, the hero manages to dig their way out, or a sidekick will pop out of the bushes and dig him up the moment the villain leaves. The exception to that comes when the hero blows up an ancient building or tomb while the villain remains inside. If the bad guy survives the blast and falling debris, he is technically buried alive. Usually this is a Sealed Evil in a Can situation. Another exception is when the villain has already done the same kind of thing to the hero or one of his friends, in which case it can be a form of Karmic Death.

Very popular because it really does touch on something that just creeps the living hell out of people. Claustrophobia is widespread, and the specific fear of being buried alive is just slightly less so.

  • Fairy Tales In "Maid Maleen", a princess and her servant are sealed away in a tower with no door or windows as a punishment when the former refuses to go through an arranged marriage. The king intended to get them out after seven years -expecting his daughter to be more "pliable" after her long captivity-, but he became unable to do so when his kingdom was destroyed by some enemy. If Maleen and her chambermaid had not decided to find a way to break through the wall when they were running out of food, they would have starved to death inside their giant tomb.

  • In The Brothers Grimm tale "The Three Snake Leaves", the main character is buried alive with his wife when she dies, as per their pre-nuptial agreement.And as she lay there dead, the young King remembered what he had been obliged to promise, and was horrified at having to lie down alive in the grave, but there was no escape. The King had placed sentries at all the gates, and it was not possible to avoid his fate. When the day came when the corpse was to be buried, he was taken down into the royal vault with it and then the door was shut and bolted.

  • Fan Works In the Kim Possible fanfiction Buried, a two-bit hood kidnaps Kim and buries her alive in order to get a job working for Drakken. Drakken is so disgusted by this action that he has Kim's abductor killed. This story starts dark and stays there as it deals with Kim dealing with the trauma of being buried alive in increasingly self-destructive ways. The sequel story The Chrysanthemum and the Sword deals with her recovery.

  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic "Coffin for Two", Darla decides to take care of Buffy and punish Angel into the bargain by burying them both in the same coffin after breaking Buffy's right arm, believing that this will force Angel to either watch Buffy suffocate or try to dig her out himself only to be destroyed once he reaches the surface and gets hit by the sun. Fortunately, they realise the coffin is buried close to an underground utility line, allowing Angel (with a minor strength boost from Buffy's blood) to dig them a path out that way.

  • The Hogan's Heroes fanfic ''Darkness'' has Peter Newkirk not only encounter ghost lights and Weeping Angels but save a woman who was buried alive by her husband after he got tired of her domineering ways. Even Hochstetter, the die-hard Nazi Gestapo major, is horrified at the thought of what would have happened if Newkirk hadn't been there.

  • In Flashpoint 2: Advent Solaris, Jessica Cruz, who's anxiety and shock by witnessing what happened to Oa in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War turned her into a Yellow Lantern, attempts to bury Lois Lane alive in the Metropolis cemetery as an act of revenge for all of those who died during the film either due to Lois Lane's perceived negligence/incompetence or in the aforementioned attack on Oa. Superman manages to prevent the burial from happening, but Lois is still absolutely shocked at how close she came to such a fate.

  • In Glass (Bellamy Taft)'s sequel/AU, Shattered, once Pegasus has finally had enough of Seto he has him buried alive. Since Seto is already weak from months of inactivity and everyone else on the island is under Pegasus's thumb, there's no escape.

  • Naruto does this to the demon Doraku in A Growing Affection. Since humans cannot kill demons, Naruto instead pins him to a cave wall and collapses the tunnel on Doraku instead.

  • Jack Scanlon endures this during The Green Hornet fanfic The Hornet's Girl when she's held hostage by a group of gangsters who want to eliminate the Green Hornet.

  • Discussed in Imaginary Seas. After realizing that they were at an impasse due to their mutual Nigh-Invulnerability, Percy considers just burying Caenis alive under rocks and trees until she starves to death. He dismisses the thought when he remembers that Servants can simply disperse into Spirit Form.

  • In Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail, this is a recurring theme about how people would want to bury their past instead of making peace with it or to torture someone. After Goh called out Chloe's lack of drive to chase a dream, the narration notes that Chloe looked ready to bury Goh into a six-foot grave.

  • Lexi (a sentient book) was buried within the confines of his own car for eight years. Titus, his own father, is shocked to learned this because he permitted Lexi to leave with two passengers on their journey. Said passengers? Grace and Simon.

  • When Lexi wants to get revenge on Grace and Simon, Chloe recites a line from "The Mariner's Revenge Song" which involves throwing them into a hole and having the victims crawling at the ceiling of their graves.

  • When Chloe recites "A Gorey Demise" both times it ends on the lyric "E is for Erik who was buried alive". The beginning narration to "Buried Alive" is also played out in a later chapter and she has the Creature Feature cover for "Bury A Friend" as an alarm clock that represents her desire to end her friendship with Goh.

  • In The Lion King Adventures, the immortal villain Shocker is buried alive by the Interceptor. This leaves him in a state of permanent death and resurrection.

  • In Nor Iron Bars a Cage, Sailor John escapes from jail by hiding in the coffin of a deceased fellow inmate and being buried alongside him until another inmate digs him out. Since John is claustrophobic, this is not a good experience for him.

  • Variant in Quicken: Emma was already dead when she was buried, but her power brought her back to life when she was lying in her coffin, and she had to dig her way out of her own grave.

  • In Something Always Remains, this is Freddy Wickes' fate.


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