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David Eliseev
David Eliseev

Where To Buy Blue Sky Scrubs [UPD]

Blue sky scrubs sells scrubs for nurses, doctors, and other medical field professionals. It is dedicated to creating and manufacturing medical scrub apparel that is not only of the highest quality and affordability, but innovatively designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare professionals utilizing these products.

where to buy blue sky scrubs

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committed to using the best materials available to create comfortable, fashionable scrub hats and accessories, and to provide immediate, courteous service to the professionals who choose blue sky scrubs for their medical scrub needs.

The company, which has been in the medical wear industry for over 20 years, is a leader in the manufacture of hand-made, ultra-comfortable, athletic-inspired scrubs. It had very humble origins when the founder, Shelby Marquardt, started selling a collection of scrub hats in 2004. To acknowledge their success in those nascent years, Shelby, along with her husband David, launched Project Blue Sky, an initiative where they gave a portion of the proceeds from every set of scrubs sold to people in need all over the world. Soon, Project Blue Sky was renamed Scrubs For Scrubs and the company was named Blue Sky Scrubs.

Blue Sky Scrubs offers free shipping for orders over $150 within the United States. It has a generous return policy and will exchange or refund products within 30 days of the original purchase date. Customers can also buy gift certificates valued at anywhere between $5 to $1000 and have them decorated with a few select themes and a custom message. The company also has group order and corporate account programs that offer tiered rates to customers based on the quantity purchased. Readers can click here to browse through its collection of scrub hats for women.

Parker came under suspicion while at Rose after an incident March 23 when a needle in her scrub-top pocket pricked a co-worker while the two talked in a hallway. She passed a drug test after that incident but then was placed on administrative leave and later fired when she failed a drug test after she was caught in an operating room where she was not assigned on April 13. She faces charges for both incidents. 041b061a72

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