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Arnold Shooters
Arnold Shooters


If you fail any knowledge tests, you need to make an appointment to retake the test. You also need to complete a new application for commercial driver's license (Form R-229a) and pay the test fee again.


Chvac has been an industry leader in commercial load calculation software since 1979. Try Elite Software's flagship program today and see why so many professional engineers are choosing Chvac. Get both Chvac and EnergyPro (which Chvac links to) and you'll have the most powerful, user-friendly commercial load calculation/energy analysis combo on the market.

Chvac quickly and accurately calculates the maximum heating and cooling loads for commercial buildings. The cooling loads can be calculated with either the CLTD method or the new RTS (Radiant Time Series) method. The program allows an unlimited number of rooms which can be grouped into as many as 100 air handling systems. Chvac automatically looks up all cooling load and correction factors necessary for computing loads. In addition, it can look up outdoor design weather data for over 2000 cities located around the world. There is also provision for editing the weather data as well as adding data for other cities. Comprehensive reports list the general project data, detailed room loads, air handler summary loads, outside air loads, total building loads, building envelope analysis, tonnage requirements, CFM air quantities, chilled water flow rates (if applicable), and complete psychrometric data with entering and leaving coil conditions. Other outstanding features include ASHRAE Standard 62 analysis, automatic building rotation, 360 degree wall orientations, tilted glass, exterior shading, internal operating load profiles, variable indoor design temperatures, people diversity, pretreated outside air, seasonal infiltration and ventilation rates, reheat loads, duct gains and losses, and return air plenums.

Chvac not only calculates peak heating and cooling loads, it also aids in selecting HVAC equipment and analyzing building operating costs. Project data from Chvac can be exported to Elite Software's Energy Audit program as well as to the eQUEST program (see more info in this paragraph). In the future, we plan to also provide a link to the Energy Plus program. Export to Energy Audit when you want to analyze residential and light commercial projects, essentially any application which uses unitary HVAC equipment. Export to eQUEST when you want to analyze large commercial projects that require precise modeling of variable loads, equipment, operating schedules, and control schemes. For just selecting unitary HVAC equipment, use the built-in Find HVAC Equipment feature of reading equipment performance databases published by the American Refrigeration Institute (ARI) and the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

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The Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) was enacted under Section 12 of the Fish Protection Act in July 2004. The Fish Protection Act was subsequently re-titled the Riparian Areas Protection Act in February 2016. The RAPR calls on local governments to protect riparian areas during residential, commercial, and industrial development by ensuring that a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) conducts a science-based assessment of proposed activities.

Two standards from ASHRAE help facility managers, O&M staff, and consulting engineers improve the quality of commercial building systems through consistent, widely-applicable maintenance and implementation procedures.

Standard 180 establishes minimum HVAC inspection and maintenance requirements that preserve a system's ability to achieve acceptable thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality in new and existing commercial buildings.

Standard 211 establishes consistent practices for conducting and reporting energy audits for commercial buildings. The standard, which evolved from the best-selling Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits:

You may share, remix and mod the design. By default, you may not use the design and its derivatives for commercial purposes, but if you request a commercial license from us, we may (and most likely will) grant you one, as long as we deem your goals are aligned with the best interests of the project and its users. 350c69d7ab

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