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David Eliseev
David Eliseev

Victoria 2 Westernize Cheat !EXCLUSIVE!

Apr 16, 2013 The console commands are the more quick way of cheat. The console is activated by the button, or alternatively call., Victoria 2: Heart Of Darkness for the PC Tue, 03 Apr 2018 04:48:19 Game Video Walkthroughs. For more help, see: Victoria 2 Console Help. If you have the Hearts of Darkness DLC installed (see below if not), you can use the debug researchpoints command. All you have to do is type debug researchpoints, followed by a space and the amount of research points you wish to add, into the console. May 11, 2013 Victoria 2 17254 After Action Reports (AAR) obsidianrazor First Lieutenant. A Pdox game for years, so I was wondering if there are any clear cut tactics to speed along changes in the upper house (cheats not-withstanding). I don't care if they are a bit gamey Thanks! Green Abbot Second Lieutenant.

Victoria 2 Westernize Cheat

Uncivilized nations earn research points in the same way as civilized nations, but instead of using them to research technology they are stored like a currency. This currency is then used to "buy" reforms in the politics menu that lead you closer to westernization. Unlike civilized countries' reforms, these don't require upper house support, though it does make them cheaper. Progress is added in varying amounts by different reforms, represented as a percentage, with the button to westernize being greyed out until it hits 100%. If you want to westernize as soon as possible by selecting the most efficient reforms, see westernization efficiency. 350c69d7ab

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