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Hermann Konovalov
Hermann Konovalov

Fear The Walking Dead 7x9

After the nuclear blast in Texas, Will, a young survivor, navigates the devastated lands while evading a mysterious group called the Stalkers, who strip the dead of their clothes. Will is eventually captured by Victor Strand's Rangers and taken to the Tower, a settlement that Strand established in the office building where he survived the nuclear blasts. Strand lives a luxurious lifestyle and only takes in survivors he feels will be of use to him. Threatened with being kicked out, Will reveals that he has the medallion that Strand had given to Alicia and agrees to lead Strand to her.

Fear the Walking Dead 7x9

In flashbacks, after being locked in the bunker by Teddy, Alicia reluctantly becomes the leader of the doomsday cult and meets Will, who helps her look for a way out. Alicia learns of PADRE, a secret government location that supposedly has the resources to rebuild the world, but which only the undead Senator Elias Vazquez knows the location of. While trying to escape from the bunker, Alicia is bitten by the Senator and is forced to amputates her arm; Will departs shortly thereafter, feeling that he is causing Alicia more harm than good by staying with her. In the present, fleeing from the Stalkers' attack on her people, Alicia enlists a reluctant Morgan's help to follow the Senator to PADRE.

During the mission, Ali is attacked by a group of Stalkers attempting to learn why Strand is interested in the walker-filled crater, but he tricks them into getting devoured by walkers. After getting the elevator parts, Ali initially plans on leaving Charlie for dead before changing his mind and deciding to run away with her. As they leave, Charlie suddenly faints and is later diagnosed with terminal radiation sickness. After Ali's betrayal is discovered, Howard throws him off of the Tower, putting himself at odds with a furious June who begins plotting to take Strand down by any means necessary, while John Sr. plans to earn Strand's trust in order to be his voice of reason.

While the group pursues a weapon cache, Daniel wanders off, chased by Luciana and Wes, convinced that Ofelia is still alive and is sending him a message from The Abigail. The three are captured by the Stalkers who attempt to extract the location of the weapon's cache from them, hinting at the existence of a greater danger and Luciana attempts to get Daniel to accept that Ofelia is dead. After sending half of the Stalkers on a wild goose chase, Daniel overpowers Sage, who says the Stalkers never had Ofelia, causing Daniel to kill him.

Strand rescues John and June, and John confesses to planting the radio on Howard so that he could become Strand's new partner. Unmoved, Strand forces John to throw Howard off of the Tower's roof before revealing that Howard's family had already been dead for months, which Strand had hidden from him. Realizing that Strand is beyond reason, John dons a makeshift suit of armor and carries Mo through the walker moat to Morgan. John is bitten in the process, and with the herd closing in, he sacrifices himself so Morgan can escape. Strand threatens to kill June and Grace if Morgan ever sets foot in the Tower and broadcasts an invitation to everyone else to join him. With Howard and John dead, Strand takes on Wes as his new partner.

Dwight and Sherry rescue a woman named Maya from walkers and Dwight sends her to the Tower despite the escalating war with Strand; Sherry expresses fears that Dwight will take Strand's deal to protect her and become the man he used to be while serving Negan. Having escaped with Mo, Morgan lures Strand's walker moat away, leaving the Tower vulnerable until nightfall. Morgan is joined by Alicia, who admits to being afraid that she won't be able to kill Strand when the time comes. Leading the herd to the crater, the two find it to be almost empty, as someone lowered a ramp into it so the radioactive walkers could escape. 041b061a72

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