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Buy Health Insurance Leads

The machine readable files contained in the table of contents below are made available in response to the Federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and include negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. Important note: Each of the files accessible through the Table of Contents is in JSON format and may be as large as one Terabyte (TB) in file size, which has significant system requirements for use. Please ensure you have the required memory capacity, hardware, and software capabilities before attempting to download.

buy health insurance leads

All insurance policies and group benefit plans contain exclusions and limitations. For availability, costs and complete details of coverage, contact a licensed agent or Cigna sales representative. This website is not intended for residents of New Mexico.

Discover our tips for getting the most out of your health insurance leads. We stay on top of the latest internet selling strategies and have compiled the top tips to help you get the best results possible.

There is no doubt that healthcare in America changed the moment that the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. You are no longer subject to fines for not having any coverage but it is still too early to predict how all of this is going to impact the healthcare system and what evolution will take place to address the new changes. One thing is for certain, private healthcare plans will still be purchased even if coverage is being offered as part of employment. This means that for private insurers, there will still be a huge population of prospective clients. This article will explore ways of reaching them and providing the coverage they need from a private source.

A lead is a prospective client. Generating leads for healthcare insurance is much the same as generating any other type of lead. It requires time spent meeting a lot of different people. And it requires meeting them at times that are convenient for them which can result in very long days of selling insurance products. There are a lot of logistics to consider as to why many people will opt to just stay with their current carrier. They include the transfer of medical files and switching doctors as two main reasons. However, there are ways you can make these issues less of a problem provided you have the skills to sell healthcare insurance. It takes a lot of work but if you genuinely wish to help people with finding the right type of coverage for their needs, you should be successful in this specialized line of work.

This is not an unusual practice these days. Buying health insurance leads will produce a fair amount of conversions. As ad tech companies do the marketing and generate the actual leads, most of the footwork has been done for you. All you need to do at this point is make the final contact with the leads that have already indicated an interest in purchasing the product. Depending on where you purchase your leads, you may have the option to take live transfer telephone calls or be matched with an account manager who will assist in creating the strategy required to increase your conversion rate. Do some homework before you choose a lead provider.

It is an old-school method, but it still works. All you need to do is hand out your business card to family, friends, and existing clients. All of these contacts will do the distribution of your cards for you reaching leads that you may not otherwise have access to through any other means. Even if a lead does not result in a sale, keep reminding your distribution network of contacts to keep making referrals. One way to keep your business cards in circulation is to offer incentives that you will give to a contact should a referral become a new client. Gift cards make an easy incentive for you to carry and distribute when a referral converts on you.

Since you are selling healthcare insurance, you will know a fair deal about the topic. One way to reach people without calling on them in person is through the internet. You can use this to your advantage by setting up a website and social media channels where you can write blogs about healthcare insurance. Be sure to include a clear and concise call to action that invites readers to contact you for more information or to purchase healthcare insurance. By using social media, you will be able to reach a younger demographic and be able to provide many new leads with the coverage they may never have considered as an important investment.

As you go through the process of contacting leads, you should always keep a file of those that do not become clients. They can be added to a list of leads you have not gotten around to contacting. Then when you have enough stale leads collected, spend some time contacting them. Even those that turned you down the first time may have since had a change in their work situation or life that warrants them revisiting the possibility of purchasing private healthcare insurance. Stale leads are always a source of possibilities and not only do they sometimes convert, but there is also the potential for referrals to come from that list you could have otherwise tossed out.

Nothing brings you in contact with community-minded people like getting involved in your hometown. This can take many forms but in general, a good idea is to join a local service club and assist with any non-profit projects they have underway. By getting involved in your community, you become much more than just a healthcare insurance salesperson. You become a caring member of your community. This also introduces you to several new leads and also a network of new referrals. Becoming friends with those who want to make their home a better place to live through community service are also people who take care of the health of their family.

Nothing elevates your efforts quite like working in a partnership with a large business or corporation. By making a connection with any big business, it brings you in contact with a large pool of potential leads. But be cautious of the type of business you reach out to in your quest to form partnerships. You will want to do some research on the business first and determine if that business is a good match for referrals to you for your healthcare insurance products. Once you make a few of these connections, you will see a steady flow of referrals and new leads as staff turnover takes place or a seasonal turnover occurs as part of the process.

Freelancers are all around us. Many are workers who work remotely from home and are working on small contract jobs as opposed to being employees working in a team setting. Freelancers typically do not have healthcare insurance coverage as part of their employment arrangements. You can access these leads by joining freelance organizations and promoting your service within those groups. With COVID-19 continuing to change work habits, you may find a new source of potential leads that may exist for a few more years. Freelancing will be with us for a very long time and presents a very promising pool of leads for your products.

Although the United States provides citizens with healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act, there is always going to be a need for private healthcare insurance. With a large pool of potential clients, you just need to find ways to generate leads you can make contact with. The list above includes a handful of easy ways to do this. It takes time and effort to succeed at selling healthcare insurance but the same principles apply to selling anything that the marketplace requires.

Despite increasing competition throughout the industry, QuoteWizard has quickly grown and become a major player. Today the company is one of the highest volume insurance lead companies in the United States.

NextGen Leads is a San Diego-based health and Medicare insurance lead provider founded in 2014. The company is led by industry veterans, with agency ownership experience, who started the business to offer a better product than what they experienced as lead buyers.

ProspectsFor Agents operates a Customer Acquisition Marketing (CAM) technology-based platform, connecting insurance pros with prospective clients. The product line includes auto, home, renter, life and Medicare supplement leads. is one of the biggest online insurance lead companies in the industry. By generating high lead volume from multiple marketing channels as well as in-house web properties, this company is able to service a large number of lead buyers.

InsuranceQuotes Agents (iQ Agents) is a recent entrant into the insurance lead marketplace officially launching in April of 2015. The company offers features, options and lead volume that rival industry competitors.

With a name like, it is easy to understand why this company is able to attract a sizable lead buyer audience. A large selection of leads, combined with risk and geo filters has been a successful combination for the company.

The trouble is, insurance sales is a crowded business. New insurance agents in particular can find getting leads pretty hard going in the early days. To avoid the sad fate of many that have gone before you, you have to learn how to get insurance leads fast and at a low cost.

Offering a referral program is one of the best ways to get insurance agency leads. You can say that for every referral that signs up with your company and buy your services, the customer the referring customer receives 5 percent off their policy when they renew.

More and more people are using Google to research purchases and search for information online. This makes PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising an effective way to get life insurance leads for agents. Though it has a learning curve, PPC is fairly inexpensive because you only pay if people click on your ads.

Done right, this can also lead to more insurance leads for the company because recipients will be more likely to share the email with others. You have to remember, though, that you have to build an email list first, and that can take time and a significant investment in content. 041b061a72

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