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Where To Buy Hot Tools Curling Iron

Happy Saturday! On this rainy day we are going to have a little head-to-head face-off between two cult favorite curling irons: the Hot Tools 24k Gold Curling Iron vs. the T3 Micro SinglePass Curling Iron.

where to buy hot tools curling iron


With thousands of reviews and readily available almost anywhere hot tools are sold, you can see why this is a fan favorite. The Hot Tools description boasts an iron that maintains temperature evenly, to protect hair from scalding. The easy to use dial allows you full control over heat settings, without any guesswork on what temp you are selecting:

As an Irish ginger with thick, unruly hair, I've struggled to find the perfect curling iron over the years. I've dreamed of sporting gorgeous waves at events, girls' nights out, and so on and so forth, only to be met with a disappointing reality: a lifelong battle that has resulted in countless poofy mishaps, thanks to products that were, quite frankly, mediocre at best.

When your mane resembles a 1970s troll doll, you become cynical of all curling irons on the market. But on a recent trip to Ulta, I bought the newly launched Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Digital Spring Curling Iron ($69.99), and I'm glad I took the plunge.

The gold-plated surface distributes heat evenly, resulting in full-volume, frizz-free curls for all hair types, even mine. The curling iron's ability to maintain a consistent heat is helped along by Pulse Technology, which quickly diagnoses heat loss and then sends signals to the heating coils to restore it immediately, meaning your iron will stay perfectly hot from start to finish. This cool innovation reduces styling time while increasing hold, improving shine, and preventing 'hot spots' from forming and frying certain parts of your strands.

I was also happy to find that my new curling iron features universal dual voltage, which I, a former study-abroad student, could appreciate. Electricity is confusing, so let me demystify it for you. In the US, the electrical voltage is 110/120V. However, in most countries, the number is different. When a hair tool isn't rated dual voltage, it may not work, even when plugged through an adapter. You'll then need a converter, which can still possibly ruin your hair appliance. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to have a curling iron that I can carry along during my travels.

Combine these all together, and what you get is a curling iron that achieves everything it promises and more. Plus, it comes in different barrel sizes from one inch to 1.25 inches. I chose the largest size for bigger waves, but the smaller barrels offer tighter curls and work best for anyone with short hair.

Simply put, you'll get ideal curls in a fraction of the time and with less heat damage when using this curling iron. I've experimented with so many curling irons out there, and nothing has worked as well as this one from Hot Tools. I typically regret spur-of-the-moment purchases, but I have no regrets with this one.

But when it comes to making your hair curly or wavy, most people need help choosing which tool to get. In this regard, the comparison between ceramic vs titanium curling iron becomes exceptionally crucial.

In addition, using ceramic material in your curling iron helps reduce the level of damage brought by the heat-powered styling process. Thus, you do not have to be stressed about acquiring split ends and other signs of hair damage.

When talking about titanium, one of the first things that may come to mind is its uses in airplanes and architecture. This naturally occurring metal is also now a popular material in making curling irons.

Some notable titanium curling iron features include a lightweight, durable design and corrosion-resistant heating plate. It can also hold higher temperatures better than other types of curling irons.

Negative ions also bring back the ionic balance of the hair to smoothen the strands and tame frizz. So by using titanium curling irons, you can ensure that your hair will stay soft and healthy all day.

Achieve a straight-from-the-salon look with curling irons and hair curlers from JCPenney. With a wide range of sizes and types available, you can create anything from tightest curls to the bounciest beach waves right in your own home. Choose from gold curling irons by Paul Mitchell that hold your hair with an integrated clip, or clipless wands by Sultra that require you to manually wrap your hair around the barrel, providing versatile styling options.

You'll love the vast assortment of features you can pick when buying a hair styling tool from JCPenney. If busy mornings have you rushing out the door, consider a curling iron with an automatic shut-off for added peace of mind. Convenience features like fast heating and swivel cords make it easier to style your hair, especially when you're in a hurry. Global travelers will appreciate the convenience of a dual-voltage curling iron that automatically adjusts the voltage based on the outlet you use.

You'll find the perfect hot tools for any type of hair at JCPenney. It doesn't matter if your hair is fine and delicate or coarse and hard to style, a curling iron with adjustable temperature control provides customized heat to get that perfect look. You can also choose hot tools made from ceramic or titanium to ensure a smooth curling surface and even heat distribution, resulting in gentle styling and curls that hold their shape. Whether you're looking for curl enhancing performance, added shine, or increased volume, the perfect curling iron is only a click away.

The T3 Lucea ID hair straightener would be in our top spot if it wasn't so expensive. But it might be worthwhile if you're concerned about hair damage. Most hot hair tools claim to cause less damage than the competition, but the T3 actually delivers with a unique temperature-finding feature the company calls HeatID Technology. To set the right temperature, select your hair features via the touch controls on the iron's handle: texture (fine, medium, coarse), length (short, medium, long), and if your hair is color-treated. It will then suggest a heat level. I also love its Refresh Mode for touching up hair later at a lower temperature based on previous settings.

It can create gorgeous curls too. Once you perfect that flick of the wrist, your hair will look like you just came from the salon. If you'd rather have two dedicated hair tools, the company also has a curling iron ($249) with the same HeatID tech.

This bundle includes a hot tool glove, which worked well with the Tymo but burned when I used it with another curling iron that reached that same temperature. Be aware that it's not made for direct contact on a hot plate. 041b061a72

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