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Hermann Konovalov
Hermann Konovalov

The Ties That Bind 720p Torrent

The title "Ties That Bind" refers to the close bond of two best friends, Hope Webster and Rachel Thomas. But there were also presumed ties between college buddies Peter Wilson and Bobby Calderon that were not as enduring. The film closely examines the relationship of Hope and Rachel.The screenplay devised an intricate narrative, a well-developed set of characters, and some snappy dialogue. The best line was delivered after Hope laughed in the face of the tough guy Calderon and told him, "You're like a cliché of a short guy!" and "You came here to kill us. How? By talking us to death?" There was a true polish to this script that paid dividends in the film's overall watchability.There was also an interesting romantic subplot between Hope and the attorney Peter Wilson. There was good chemistry between the characters, and the relationship turned into a roller coaster ride. Rare books have been stolen and are passing hands with Peter apparently deeply involved in the skullduggery. At one point, a rare Leonardo da Vinci print was given to a corrupt judge to sway her ruling. It is up to Hope to break down the conspiracy much like "The Da Vinci Code."Kristanna Loken was outstanding in the role of Hope Webster. Her character experienced a shock to the system after her bestie Rachel apparently died a violent death. Then, she had to come to terms with a different reality about her friend. At one point, Rachel considered becoming an escort girl for the Fantasy Dates service. But after getting "tarted up," she couldn't go through with it.Recognizing the flaws in her friend, Hope is always chipper and reassuring. In the past, she had bailed Rachel out of other jams. Once again, she is called on to save her friend. And all that she needs to do is to remind her that "there's always hope!"

The Ties That Bind 720p torrent

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