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Hermann Konovalov
Hermann Konovalov

Double Impact

Utilizing deep industry experience and an active, value-added approach to build great mission-driven companies that deliver both competitive financial returns and measurable social and environmental impact.

Double Impact

At Double Impact, we believe in the importance of strong,mutually beneficial relationships between our service users, our charity and the community.We offer a range of services for businesses and community organisations, which in turn,increase our social impact and create more opportunities for people recovering fromaddictions.

Eric, i received my double impacts today and I am amazed. I am dumbfounded as to how you designed this speaker, was it a dream, was it a premonition, was it science. I cannot fathom how you have done it. I would think that your doors are being beaten down by audio shops that want to carry your line. This reminds me of the day I was at the unveiling of the ess heil line. That was at a shop called Paragon and of course they specialized in the paragon, when the heils were auditioned half the room rushed to the hallway to confront the owner of the shop. I had a feeling that I should have gotten the SE, based on what i have experienced with the double impacts I am confident that the SE would certainly be worth the upgrade.

Double Impact invests in lower middle-market companies in North America that are mission-oriented in one of three areas: sustainability, health care, and education and workforce development. Once the fund invests, Double Impact staff works with its companies to strengthen their impact and to propel their growth.

The firm uses an impact assessment tool developed by B Lab, a U.S. nonprofit, as a framework for assessing a full range of impacts, from corporate governance measures (are women and people of color on the board), to environmental effects, to how employees are treated.

As it exits companies it acquires, and strengthens, Double Impact also works to ensure its former businesses continue to benefit society or the environment through the inclusion of impact covenants in its purchase agreements.

BALTIMORE and BOSTON, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi-Specialty HealthCare, a leading outpatient provider of post-traumatic injury care and physical rehabilitation, announced today that it received an investment to support its growth from Bain Capital Double Impact, a leading social impact investor. The partnership will position the founder-led business to expand into new regions, enabling more individuals to benefit from the company's differentiated patient-centric and integrated approach. Financial terms of the private transaction were not disclosed.

"We are strong believers that integrated care delivery leads to better and more cost-effective outcomes," said Peter Spring, a Managing Director at Bain Capital Double Impact. "Helping to expand Multi-Specialty HealthCare's patient-centered, multi-disciplinary approach presents a significant opportunity to improve access and quality of care to patients who struggle to navigate a complex healthcare system, which often leads to delays or inadequate treatment. We are excited to partner with the founders and the management team to support the Company's growth and scale its social impact in the communities it serves."

This Sound Percussion Labs Double Impact Pad provides powerful punch to your bass drum while protecting the head with its Mylar pad and internal metal disk. It attaches to the head via its adhesive back and is used for double bass drum pedals.

The Wnt/Frizzled signaling pathway plays crucial roles in animal development and is deregulated in many cases of carcinogenesis. We and others have previously demonstrated that Frizzled proteins initiating the intracellular signaling are typical G protein-coupled receptors and rely on the trimeric G protein Go for Wnt transduction in Drosophila. However, the mode of action of Go and its interplay with other transducers of the pathway such as Dishevelled and Axin remained unclear. Here we show that the alpha-subunit of Go directly acts on Axin, the multidomain protein playing a negative role in the Wnt signaling. G alpha o physically binds Axin and re-localizes it to the plasma membrane. Furthermore, G alpha o suppresses Axin's inhibitory action on the Wnt pathway in Drosophila wing development. The interaction of G alpha o with Axin critically depends on the RGS domain of the latter. Additionally, we show that the betagamma-component of Go can directly bind and recruit Dishevelled from cytoplasm to the plasma membrane, where activated Dishevelled can act on the DIX domain of Axin. Thus, the two components of the trimeric Go protein mediate a double-direct and indirect-impact on different regions of Axin, which likely serves to ensure a robust inhibition of this protein and transduction of the Wnt signal.

Across the internet, arm chair speaker pundits and home designers have had a field day trying to call the patent BS along with the design of the speaker (and other models in Tekton's lineup that use this driver array). I never get caught up in technical discussions, but leave that to the designers themselves. Tekton's Eric Alexander has proven over the last many years to be a designer of great talent, and though not everyone will like his house sound or the look of his designs, that doesn't impact or affect what they do or how they work. I spent my time listening with both an open mind and critical ears to see and hear how these worked, at least in my system.

Bass response on these should be expected to be deep and powerful based on the large size of the cabinets and the four ten inch woofers, but it also has to be looked at in conjunction with the room you are using them in. As I mentioned previously, my initial setup at the LA Audio Show produced bass that overwhelmed the room and reacted adversely with the furniture there. We had to work to tone the bass down some in that room. In my listening room, I have the opposite issue. Due to the dimensions of my room, and available distance from the wall behind the speakers, though I get clear accurate bass down to the low 20s, I don't get the power or impact I know they are capable of producing. There is a room induced drop out narrowly centered between 63 and 80 Hz. No other speaker in my collection has the depth and power in the bottom two octaves to make this all that noticeable. I know they are capable of more in that range, as I have brought this set to two other people's houses to try in their systems.

In the first trip I took them to friend Russ Stratton's house where we swapped the Double Impacts in place of his custom made Zu Audio speakers. Russ's system is, to my ears, one of the best sounding and most fun to listen to systems I've heard. This isn't going to be a comparison of the Double Impacts versus the Zu, but a chance for me to check on how well they played in his room, which is seemingly not too big, but in reality due to how it opens into the next room, is about three times the volume of my room. Powered by either my 100/wpc Jolida JD1000P or Russ's 20/wpc First Watt F7, the sound was very different from that which I was getting in my room. All the positive aspects of what I've described were there, but even better, and the bass response was deep, strong, and powerful in a manner I simply can't achieve in my room. Russ has five subwoofers in his system, but we left them out and felt no need for any of them when playing tracks specifically to test (and stress) the bass capability of the speakers. How I wish I had that room (and his E.A.R. 868 preamplifier). Any concerns I had about the overall power and impact these speakers could be capable of were totally dispelled. Bass response was simply superb, as was the speaker's ability to really load the room with a deep visceral impact. The soundstage was massive, especially in terms of depth, and had not just a sense of localization, size, scale and volume, but also of weight, if that makes sense. Images didn't just sound solid, they felt solid.

Geographic and geologic situation in the study area in southern Germany and northern Switzerland and Austria. Outcrops with Ries seismites overlain by the distal Ries ejecta layer (DREL), in turn cross-cut by clastic dikes presumably linked to the Steinheim impact15, are situated within a distance of 80 to 180 km from the centres of the two impact structures. Supposed different impact directions (orange arrows) of Ries and Steinheim asteroids are taken from the literature1,8 and are discussed in detail within these studies.

Impact-triggered earthquakes produce seismites in extensive volumes of sediment that are in many ways similar to seismites generated by tectonically-induced earthquakes. Cosmic impacts can produce clastic dikes32 proximal to the impact structures15,31,32,33,36 and may also cause soft-sediment deformation by liquefaction at greater distances from ground zero15,17,20,21,22,23,31,32,33,34,36; however, the style of deformation is in part governed by the nature of the near-surface sediments (e.g., diagenesis/cemenation, grain size, water saturation). Although the Ries and Steinheim impact events would have triggered significant earthquakes, there is only emerging evidence for palaeo-earthquakes in the surroundings of the two impact structures in the form of seismites. Recently, a clastic dike was discovered in sandy deposits of the North Alpine Foreland Basin and interpreted as an impact-related seismite15. That dike cuts through the DREL and might, thus, represent a long-distance effect of the Steinheim impact event that appears to postdate the Ries impact by several kyr15. We here present additional evidence for two separate seismite horizons exposed at several localities within the North Alpine Foreland Basin in southern Germany and northern Switzerland. Both seismite occurrences are consistent with at least two strong, independent palaeo-earthquakes.

Bedding within sandy sediments in the Tobel Oelhalde-Nord south of Biberach (Tobel is the local term for a small ravine in southern Germany), approximately 100 km SSW of the Ries crater rim. Slumped deposits of Upper Freshwater Molasse with soft-sediment deformation structures of pre-Ries age are overlain by the in-situ DREL and essentially undisturbed deposits of post-Ries age. The DREL traces the relief of the pre-Ries land surface. A clastic dike presumably linked to the Steinheim impact22 that postdates the Ries impact crosscuts the entire succession. Photographs taken by V.J.S. 041b061a72

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