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Bengal Tiger Hindi Movie

Bengal Tiger Hindi Movie Review

Bengal Tiger is a 2015 Hindi dubbed romantic action film starring Ravi Teja, Tamannaah and Boman Irani. The film was originally made in Telugu and directed by Sampath Nandi. It was a huge success at the box office and was later dubbed in Hindi for the wider audience. The film revolves around Aakash, a simple guy who aspires to be famous. To fulfil his desire, he targets politicians and makes their daughters fall in love with him. But his plan backfires when he gets entangled in a web of lies, deceit and revenge. Will Aakash be able to achieve his dream or will he lose everything in the process?

Plot Summary

The film starts with Aakash Narayan (played by Ravi Teja) a jobless man who enjoys being around his friends. A girl named Shraddha (played by Raashi Khanna) rejects his proposal as she wants to get married to a well-settled man. So she married Karan, the politician Subbarayudu's son. Later, following a sequence of events, she falls in love with Aakash. Shraddha also persuades Nagappa, the home minister and her father, to agree on her decision of rejecting Karan and explains that she likes Aakash more than someone who is currently well-off because she sees in Aakash the possibility of success.

Bengal Tiger hindi movie

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On her birthday, Nagappa reveals Aakash as Shraddha's future boyfriend in front of a large crowd of politicians, including Ashok Gajapathi, the chief minister. To everyone's surprise, Aakash rejects Nagappa's statement and declares his love for Meera (played by Tamannah Bhatia ), Gajapathi's daughter. Meanwhile, Shraddha and Gajapathi deny Akash's love for Meera, but Meera eventually agrees to marry him, being struck by his boldness.

Later in the plot, it is revealed that Aakash was lying when he said he liked Meera. He was actually hired by Subbarayudu, who wanted to take revenge on Gajapathi for killing his brother. Aakash also had a personal grudge against Gajapathi, who was responsible for the death of his father. Aakash planned to expose Gajapathi's corruption and crimes on the day of his marriage with Meera. But his plan goes awry when he realizes that he has fallen in love with Meera for real. He also feels guilty for hurting Shraddha, who still loves him.

Aakash decides to call off his revenge and confess his truth to Meera and Shraddha. But before he can do that, he is attacked by Gajapathi's men, who have learned about his real identity and motive. Aakash manages to escape and reaches the wedding venue, where he confronts Gajapathi and reveals his secrets to everyone. He also apologizes to Meera and Shraddha for his lies and asks them to forgive him.

The film ends with Aakash getting shot by Gajapathi, who tries to kill him. But he is saved by Subbarayudu, who sacrifices his life for him. Aakash survives and reunites with Meera and Shraddha, who both accept him as their lover. He also becomes famous as the Bengal Tiger, who exposed the chief minister's corruption and crimes.

Cast and Crew




Aakash Narayan

Ravi Teja

Sampath Nandi


Tamannaah Bhatia


Raashi Khanna

Ashok Gajapathi

Boman Irani


Rao Ramesh




Harshvardhan Rane

Amala Paul


Celebrity Shastri

Posani Krishna Murali

Future Star Siddappa


Jaya Narayan


Review and Rating

Bengal Tiger is a typical masala entertainer that has all the elements of a commercial potboiler. The film has a good dose of comedy, romance, action and drama. The film also has a social message about the importance of honesty and integrity in politics. The film is fast-paced and engaging, with some twists and turns in the plot. The film also has some catchy songs and stunning visuals.

The film's main strength is the performance of Ravi Teja, who carries the film on his shoulders. He is energetic, charismatic and hilarious as Aakash, the Bengal Tiger. He also shows his emotional side in some scenes. He has a good chemistry with both Tamannaah and Raashi Khanna, who look glamorous and act well. Boman Irani is impressive as the villainous Gajapathi, who has a powerful screen presence. The supporting cast of Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali, Prudhviraj and others provide ample comic relief.

The film's main weakness is the lack of originality and logic in the story. The film is predictable and formulaic, with many clichés and stereotypes. The film also has some illogical and unrealistic scenes, such as Aakash escaping from a helicopter or surviving multiple bullet wounds. The film also has some unnecessary and vulgar scenes, such as the song "Chupulatho Deepala" which was trimmed by the censor board due to excessive skin show.

Overall, Bengal Tiger is a fun-filled and entertaining film that can be enjoyed by the fans of Ravi Teja and masala movies. The film does not offer anything new or innovative, but it delivers what it promises: a paisa vasool experience.

The film has received mixed reviews from the critics and the audience. The film has an IMDb rating of 5.2 out of 10 and a ZEE5 rating of 3 out of 5. The film was also a box office hit, grossing over 40 crore rupees worldwide.

Where to Watch Bengal Tiger Hindi Movie Online?

If you are interested in watching Bengal Tiger Hindi movie online, you can stream it on ZEE5 or [ZEE5 Global]. You can also watch the trailer of the film on [IMDb] or [YouTube]( You can also buy or rent the film on [Google Play]( or [iTunes](

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